a Friday on the mountain

Our version of black Friday was to knock out a hike that’s been on our list for a long time, but hadn’t been completed until now. We started in our neighborhood, working our way to the mouth of Domingo Baca Canyon and from there, up, up, and up to the site of 1955 TWA plane crash.  The hike starts in classic high desert terrain, quickly gaining elevation and running through pinon and juniper forest.  Upward into Ponderosa, scrub oak, aspen and finally into big stands of Douglas fir. Much of the trail follows a perennial trickle of stream which in one spot has about a 30 foot high “waterfall”.  Reaching the crash site is pretty somber, knowing 16 people lost their lives here, and there is a small memorial to that effect.  The area is scattered with wreckage and people seem to have been respectful of the site over the years.  Definitely recommend this hike if you have time.

Several great views of the Sandias open up from the trail in Domingo Baca Canyon.

Several great views of the Sandias open up from the trail in Domingo Baca Canyon.


one of the props.

one of the props.

wing section.

wing section.


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2 thoughts on “a Friday on the mountain

  1. Cool trip amigo. Have been a good ways up the canyon, before I learned the crash site was accessible. Might make it back up there with the kids. Luved the watercourse, is it still flowing?

    • Mike, I think you all would have a fun time doing this hike. As far as I’ve seen that stream runs year round, but can get patchy the further down the canyon you are, especially in summer. Flows have definitely been lower the past few years, but to be expected with our lack of precip. If you need a gpx file let me know and I’ll send one along.

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