The Gila

We had a great time exploring the Gila near Silver City, NM for a few days.  With highs near 60 degrees and bluebird skies, it was hard to believe it is January!  There is very little snow now and trails are overall in great condition. There are some icy and snowy spots on the usual north facing slopes, but not enough to prohibit riding/hiking.  We hit up some of the trails around Signal Peak one day, and our last day did a long jaunt on the Continental Divide Trail.  The thing that always strikes me about the Gila, is the quiet and the vastness of the area.  In nearly 3 days, we didn’t even see an airplane overhead.  A worthwhile destination for anyone, whether you want to hike or bike the CDT, or backpack in America’s first designated wilderness.  You could spend a lifetime exploring here.

View from signal peak looking west, northwest.

View from signal peak looking west, northwest.


Great singletrack.

Great singletrack.




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2 thoughts on “The Gila

  1. Man, the Gila is fantastic. Some of the best trips I took from my gradschool days in Texas were to the Gila and Aldo Leopold. The fork canyons of the Gila are among the most memorable, unusual and spectacular places I have been. It is wilderness with a capitol “w”. If you haven’t yet and get the chance to, be sure to backpack the West or Middle Forks of the river. Both are awesome though I liked the West Fork a little more.

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